Growing in today’s market

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Who BENEFITS from a weak economy?

Innovative industries always benefit the most from weak economic condit ions. IT service providers opened 32 new outsourcing delivery centers in the third quarter this year almost doubling the second quarter’s 17. According to an October survey by analyst firm HfS Research, “more than 40 percent of corporate, IT leaders said that a double-dip recession would lead to increased outsourcing in their organizations.” There is certainly a high demand for more competitive labor.

 Why do corporate organizations decide to outsource?

Every company strives to cut costs and increase output. Outsourcing allows them to do both at the same time. According to further research by analyst firm HfS Research, “While 40 percent [of IT decision makers] said immediate cost cuts were a strong motivating factor, 43 percent cited greater flexibility to scale global operations as a strong impetus.”

 How can YOU benefit from the weak economy?

Adaptation is key in today’s market place. Many sma
ll to midsized companies are now taking advantage of outsourcing that hasn’t been available before. Companies like Zylun bring large enterprise quality outsourcing to smaller scale clients, saving them 60-80% on labor costs.


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