Live Chat Improves Sales

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How can you make more money on the web? Add Live Chat to your website. Companies spend thousands of dollars each month on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing to drive internet traffic to their websites only to have those potential customers leave the site because they don’t know where to find information, can’t find special offers and products, and/or aren’t sure of the legitimacy of the website/company. Live Chat is proven to increase customer satisfaction, sales conversions, and increase customer confidence.

Integrating Live Chat is simple and effective. To get started you need a Live Chat icon on each web page, a Live Chat agent to answer chats, a database of frequently asked questions and answers, and Live Chat software. Companies have a few options when looking to staff their Live Chat agents. They can staff them in house, use domestic Live Chat outsourcing firms, or offshore Live Chat outsourcing firms like Zylun Staffing. Offshore Live Chat outsourcing is the most cost effective option. Depending on the Live Chat software you chose, integrating with your site can be very easy. There are many Live Chat software packages available ranging from $10 per month per user to $100 per month per user. The software provides an interface for Live Chat Agents and web customers, records chat history, and keeps statistics.

Next time you are considering how to improve you sales conversions and customer satisfaction on your website, consider Live Chat.

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