Benefits of Zylun Staffing

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in BPO News

Zylun’s mission is to provide American quality labor at offshore prices. Zylun delivers cost effective, enterprise level offshore staffing solutions focusing on Live Chat, Web Services, Design and IT. We help companies grow profit ability by increasing work output and reducing payroll costs. Most clients experience savings of 50-80%.Often times when you hire an outsourced employee they work from their basements, or sub-par office space. You have no idea whether they are working or not. This is not the case with Zylun Staffing. With Zylun your employee will work 40hrs a week and our experienced management team assures the quality and quantity of their work.All employees work from Zylun’s Enterprise level Class A office space in the Philippines. Zylun offices have full-time security personnel and monitoring. Employees are not allowed to bring in outside hardware such as USB drives or memory devices. Non-Zylun employees are not allowed within the Zylun offices without management approval.Workstations include computers, Windows XP Pro or 7, OpenOffice, high-speed internet, Skype, basic headset, and web cam. All computers are high quality PC computers using XP or Windows 7. Zylun provides your employees with all of the basic needs. If you need a Mac computer or more advanced configuration for your teams we can customize a computer...

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The advantage of outsourcing in Cebu vs Manila

Posted by on Nov 9, 2010 in BPO News

Manila has had a head start in the outsourcing industry compared to other parts of the Philippines. Mostly because of the infrastructure that was already in place. But now there are advantages that make Cebu the ideal place for all types of BPO’s (Business Process Outsourcing) and call center work. A highly educated workforce and great English abilities makes Cebu the best place for outsourcing. IT dedicated zone Local Cebu government has made it easier for foreign investors by reserving land specifically for IT services. The telecommunications infrastructure is now stable and with the majority of buildings newer in Cebu vs Manila. Tax holidays for IT services through P.E.Z.A registered companies allow companies to keep more of their revenue to scale larger and pass saving to their clients for several years. Realty Firms have also invested into these IT zoned areas to build quickly and coordinate the necessary infrastructure for large multinational companies to move operations to Cebu. Natural protection from Natural disasters Cebu is surrounded by different islands that act as a buffer from the worst tropical storms. Unlike Luzon, the Island Manila is located in, is located in the “typhoon alley” common in the Southeast Asia. Every year there during typhoon season Manila is affected. Fear of...

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