Zylun CEO Selected as v100 Entrepreneur

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Zylun Blog

Signal Peak Ventures recently released its 2012class of the Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs in Utah, also referred to as the v100. Brigham Tomco, CEO of Zylun, was included on the list of emerging entrepreneurs for the second consecutive year. To determine this listof top entrepreneurs, Utah business and academic leaders nominate “individuals who are most likely to lead a successful startup venture in the next five to seven years in the IT (information technology) or biotech industries,” according to Signal Peak Ventures. Nominees then vote amongst themselves to select those with the greatest potential to start and grow new businesses. About Signal Peak Ventures Signal Peak Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in information technology and life science companies headquartered in the Rocky Mountain region. With offices in Utah and New Mexico, it has over $450 million of committed capital under management. About Zylun Founded in early 2010, Zylun helps U.S. businesses to take advantage of the highly skilled global workforce. With its innovative staffing model, Zylun helps companies reduce costs, increase productivity, and scale quickly. Zylun hires dedicated teams of experienced, college-educated employees in the following areas: –Graphic Designers –Web Developers –Programmers –Internet Marketing Specialists –Content...

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Philippines Continues Climb to the Top of BPO Destinations

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Zylun Blog

The Philippines has made headlines over the past few weeks for its continual growth as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination. The Philippines was ranked as the best country in the world in speaking business English, and Businessweek recently published an article showing that foreign investment in the Philippines is growing, which is one sign of a healthy and growing economy, with much of that growth in BPO industries. In a recent study by GlobalEnglish Corporation, the Philippines ranked first in speaking business English, above even the United States. Speaking business English is a crucial skill for successful BPO, and both cultural influences and structural elements have helped the Philippines rise to the top in English language ability. Last year, the Philippines surpassed India as a call center destination, no doubt due in part to this aptitude for speaking English, and BPO is growing in many other sectors in the Philippines, including programming, web development, and graphic design outsourcing. As we have previously noted on our blog, the Philippine government has made fostering BPO a priority since it brings good jobs to the Philippines, allowing Filipinos to work in their own country rather than needing to seek work abroad. It seems these efforts by the government are bearing fruit....

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Zylun’s Transition from Staffing Model to Outsourcing Partner Model

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in BPO News, Zylun Blog

Zylun has been instrumental in helping businesses increase their productivity and reduce their costs through its staffing model. With this model, it has enabled Zylun’s clients to hire teams working from Zylun’s Class A office space in the Philippines and it has allowed them to have control over staff selection and work ethic. Zylun has made a great impact on companies that would like to have the competitive edge in their industries yet not utilizing a lot of their resources on employee costs. Zylun’s clients have been very satisfied with this model, but Zylun is always seeking for ways to be more competent and efficient. Part of working with Zylun is being able to scale in an effective and simple manner. Recently, Zylun has decided to switch to an outsourcing partner model on some of its services such as live chat and call center support to better serve its clients. This change will shorten the recruitment process in finding the right employees. For live chat and customer support, Zylun will provide coverage for clients and will train and manage the agents rather than the client. This adjustment will significantly help Zylun’s clients because their needs will be met in a simpler and faster way. Zylun provides experienced, college educated...

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Should I Outsource? Top 10 Considerations (Part 1)

Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in Zylun Blog

  Offshore outsourcing has been a popular and growing trend over the past decade.  As technology, infrastructure, and education continue to improve globally, the allure to  outsource increases.  A successful outsourcing relationship can allow your business to save money, scale quickly, and increase productivity. On the flip side, outsourcing gone badly can cause projects to be done poorly or not at all, loss of clients, and increased costs. Business owners are left to weigh the risks and determine if and how they should outsource.  Below is a list of key considerations/questions to contemplate before you take the plunge into offshore outsourcing. Goals and Objectives 1.  Assessment of Current Situation A. What are my long term goals? B. Management/Manpower C. Capitalization D. Growth 2.   What benefit(s) am I trying to get from outsourcing? A. Cost Savings B. Scalability i.   People ii.  Infrastructure iii. Cost C.  Increased Productivity i.   Time Savings ii.  Augment Staff iii. Team for price of 1 iv. Reduce HR Headaches What Are My Options? 3.   Do-it-yourself A. At-home offshore employee B. eLance, O-desk, etc C. Build your own oversees office 4.Hybrid A. You manage work product B. Outsourcer manages HR and Infrastructure 5.   Traditional Outsourcing A. Project-based B. Business function based i.e. IT, Accounting,...

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