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What our clients have to say

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    For a year, our company searched for developers who were capable of understanding our very specialized system and code base. After over 25 developers failed to complete the projects we needed done on time and within the budget, we found Zylun. Even though our experience requirements were strict, within a month we had developers hired and working for us who are pushing through tasks our previous developers had failed to complete. The icing on the cake for us is that our monthly development costs have never been lower. Thank you Zylun.

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    I have used Zylun to help me with my offshore resources since April of 2012. I have been impressed with both the US and international team. They make the process of hiring and managing my team seamless. I have used other offshore freelance work, but have been willing to pay a little more through Zylun because of the dedicated team, great office, work space and supervisors that make it feel like an extension of my own team. Brigham, Tony and Kyle have also been extremely responsive to all of my needs as we have grown and changed over the past 2 years.

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    If you want an easy, efficient, profitable process, Zylun is the place to go. We have been with them for years now and they have always gone the extra mile to make sure my campaign is successful and producing the results I was looking for. Since coming on board with Zylun, our campaign has grown to one of our largest, top performing, and highest ROI within our organization.

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